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Jake Douglas (III)
United States

Looks like its been awhile since my last journal submission.   Had to repost my Chapter Bitmaps for quality reasons (mostly due to pervasive mispellings and sloppy renderings)
I also tried to fine tune the game point assignments. Not that it was really necessary (at the artistic level), but for no other reasons than to make the units closer to the tabletop unit game values. Think of them of as a one-glance guides to unit building.  Of course, none of this is current GW codex or official in any way.  But I wanted to improve the overall accuracy by applying consistency throughout the chapters. I also tried to keep the numerical font size consistent from unit to unit. Calculating the point values for the troop units are pretty straightforward, but the veteran squads, highly-equipted commanders, company masters, and unit specialists and some elites were a little more troublesome, and required some research.  Another reason for the reposts was that I wanted to basically clean and brush up the images (Some boring shit, mang!).
Did some major changes on the vehicles (the wheels), and refinements on most of the troop details, mostly pertaining to Heraldy and pixel tweaks for the weapons. Even the dreadnoughts are detailed in excrutiaing manner.  I was just trying to make a better art.  (Or more likely my OCD is manifesting...)
The earlier stuff was more about my exuberance about "getting it out there" rather than getting it perfected; resulting in the images having a lot of artistic gaps, errors, incompletions, and factual flaws, that I reckoned would affect the initial impact. But I took my time with these current re-submissions.  For instance, with the Dark Angels, I wanted to add more figures with the monks robes in the veteran rosters.  I also added two new chapters (Crimsom and Imperial Fists).  After all, with 5000+ individual bitmap figures scattered in the infographs to inspect, it was a wee bit more than I bargained for when I first started this project (Its starting to feel like a job).  But I hope you warhammer 40k fans will take a liking to them.  Oh, If you want to see the units figures better, you can tweak you zoom settings or use ctrl+mouse wheel to do the zoom-in.  If you want to know why I did them this way, see my earlier journal entries, as well as the disclaimers of the 10 May, 2015 Journal Entry.

Enough of my rambling, so peace out fellow deviants!



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